Lawrence Proctor
This truely awe inspiring piece from Lawrence Proctor really has a grand sense of scale. Not just because of the sheer size of the work, you actually feel as though you could get lost in the storm yourself. We wish we could have a set of 3 pieces of art from Lawrence, but as he takes about 2 months to complete each piece, we're incredibly lucky to get this one!

Paul Stroud
Paul Stroud has travelled the world searching for stunning scenery to fire the imagination. These three paintings of the Sahara sand dunes have a sense of depth and tranquility that can only be captured by someone who has actually been there. Look out for more of Paul's work early in the new year. He is in the process of painting 3 themed pieces depicting the temples of Angkor in Cambodia. We've seen the work in progress and we're very excited already!

Damon Allen
Damon Allen lived in South East Asia for over two years. whilst there, he fell in love with the beaches and islands of Thailand, and this is the result. The vibrant, contrasting colours really do capture the feeling of adventure to be found there.

All Our Art is Original!
Please note; we only sell original one-off works of art. You can be assured that every piece is an original, one of a kind piece! Our artists usually paint collections of 3 in a similar style, making it even easier to get the perfect, themed art for your home.

Free Postage & Packing
At the Original Art Company, we believe that the price you see should be the price you pay. To this end, we offer free UK postage & packing on all our products. No hidden extras, just top quality art. For international postal rates, please click 'contact us' above.

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