Anah Cwej
These stunning new designs from the crazed mind of Anah Cwej are enough to brighten any room. Quite how he manages to get the colours so bright is beyond us! Every piece he paints for us sells fast and this is the first time that Anah has produced 3 themed pictures, so grab them while you can. A sure investment.

Darius Flint
The infuences behind Darius' new series of paintings isn't exactly a mystery. 'I love England, London in particular. Everywhere you look you see isolated splashes of red, white & blue. It's almost subliminal, and we don't even notice it anymore, so I just thought I'd bring it back into focus. And as I'm not exactly subtle with my use of colours, I've ended up with a collection of paintings that look like the Union Jack's thrown up on them!' Darius always has a lovely way of summing up his work! One thing's for sure though, these paintings really do draw the eye.

Karl Daryl Pryce
We're very lucky to have a new talent in the world of Popart. His nameis Karl Daryl Pryce and he impressed us so much with his simplistic, colourful designs, that we just had to get them on the site as soon as we could. It also helped that he likes to paint Warhol-esque icons, obviously. Look out for more of Karl's work in coming months...

Edward Courtney
So much energy and life has been put into these 3 paintings by the great Edward Courtney that we're almost convinced that when the lights are out, the candles in the paintings still burn. The natural colours work in perfect harmony and create a fabulous sense of depth. Would look absolutely stunning above the perfect contempory fireplace.

All Our Art is Original!
Please note; we only sell original one-off works of art. You can be assured that every piece is an original, one of a kind piece! Our artists usually paint collections of 3 in a similar style, making it even easier to get the perfect, themed art for your home.

Free Postage & Packing
At the Original Art Company, we believe that the price you see should be the price you pay. To this end, we offer free UK postage & packing on all our products. No hidden extras, just top quality art. For international postal rates, please click 'contact us' above.

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